Expansion Joint covers dubai, Tile trims dubai, PVC and Aluminium profiles for shadow gap skirting, tile trims dubai, abu dhabi in uae.

Expansion Joint covers dubai, Tile trims dubai, Alluminum tile trimsand shadow gap, aluminium skirtings are specialties of construction products by BCR Ltd. UK. Leading suppliers in United Arab Emirates / Dubai, shadow gap skirting profiles, tile trims and expansion joint covers, biggest stock. Building Chemical Range now brand leader's in the middle east, with an elaborate/convoluted/intricate detailed RnD on Expansion Joint Covers Range, Luxury Metal Tile Trim Series, Tactile Markers & Chemicals. With a bigger and better-specialized engineering product range. We innovate engineering products to meet the engineer's requirement. The legendary brand from the United Kingdom, is here to make the presence felt.

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