An Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) can be defined as an energy efficient thermal wrapping applied to the exterior surfaces of a building. This thermal wrapping is finished with decorative and protective coating system. BCR EIFS has been developed, tried and tested for use in both hot and cold climates and is proven to substantially reduce heating or cooling costs as well as allow for the use of lower specification heating or cooling systems. BCR EIFS EXTERNAL INSULATION FINISHING / FIXING SYSTEM BCR EIFS is an energy efficient system and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The versatility of an External Insulation Finishing System makes it ideal to use on new buildings as well as renovation projects. As it is applied as an exterior system, it is highly suitable for upgrading older buildings to reduce operating costs while giving a new attractive finish. BCR EIFS is currently in use in some of the most extreme climates and is performing in temperatures ranging from +50°C to -60°C - year in, year out. Key Points Exterior Insulation Finishing System An insulated wall cladding that provides a building with a blanket of continuous insulation around the exterior of the building. Works to protect the exterior of the building against cold or hot temperatures promoting a comfortable temperature inside the building. Used on new build as well as on existing buildings. An effective and decorative way of renovating and improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

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